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Honeymoon Damage

31 Mar

Up 3. I weighed in at 138.4

It could be A LOT worse.


Breaking News

17 Mar


That is all.

Almost there!

16 Mar

I’m just a few days away from becoming a Mrs! I’m holding steady around 134-135 without even trying.. It’s kinda nice. I plan on going to the gym tonight.

I can’t believe I’m getting married Sunday….

I caved

11 Mar

And had a diet coke.

It’s totally my co-worker’s fault. She brought it to me when I told her I hadn’t had one since Saturday.

And it has the amazing crushed Sonic-like ice.


Did I mention she gave me a Hershey’s bar too?

11 Mar

I weighed in this morning at 134.4!

I had an awesome run last night on the treadmill. 3 miles in 32:44. Eating has been good, but I’m reallllllllllly wanting a diet coke.

I might have to cheat and get one today.

11 Mar

To whomever reads my blog that’s from Broken Arrow, OK:

Please let me know who you are! My mom’s side of the family lives in Tulsa, and I’m originally from Kansas!


10 Mar

I have a horrendous headache this morning. I blame the weather. One week, its in the 50s, then next, the 80s. My sinuses can’t take it anymore.

On a positive note, I’m sticking at 135.8. Hopefully by the weekend I can hit 134. Then the next weekend IM GETTING MARRIED!!!

Sorry. Couldn’t help myself.