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Rain, Rain, Go Away…

30 Jan

It’s raining and cold here today. I weighed in at a steady 138.2 again this morning. At least I’m not gaining. I’d really like to lose a little. Although I’ve considered living off of water today because my first dress fitting is tomorrow. I highly doubt I’ll do that, but I will avoid as much sodium as I can.

I ran 2 miles on the treadmill last night and followed it up with abs and push ups. The run was miserable. I ran 2 miles in 20:30 (super fast for me), and I felt like throwing up afterward. It was not pleasant. I almost punked out on it though. I put my running clothes on, then switched to my PJs. I felt guilty almost immediately, so I put back on my running clothes and headed up to the gym.

This weekend I’m driving up to Jacksonville. I hope I don’t screw up too badly eating. I hate weekends away because they’re a trap to eat poorly. I’ll take a box of Zone bars with me just in case.


Before & After

28 Jan

Here’s some before and after pics…

This was at my highest… You can really see it in my face:

This was in December at our e-pic session:

And this was at my shower this past weekend (that’s not my FI, that’s my old roomie, Kawika):

I don’t get it?!

28 Jan

Take a look at my food from yesterday:

Yeah. I should be a bloated mess for eating CHEEZ-ITS after a few glasses of wine. Nope…. 138.2! I even skipped my workout last night after a crappy day at the office. Oh well! Whatever works. Tonight I’m going to run probably 4 miles. We’ll see how I feel. I’m definitely noticing I’ve gotten a slimmer tummy, and my hips have slimmed down. My legs are looking more defined. My entire body is looking more toned!


27 Jan

139.2 again this morning. I’m really proud of myself for staying in the 130s this long. I hope I can drop down a little more this week because my first dress fitting is Saturday morning.

Busy Weekend

26 Jan

I was terrified to weigh in this morning. I ate horribly all weekend: chick fil a (twice), bbq ribs, french fries, cake! It was bad. I can’t believe it though. 139.2! The same as Friday!

This weekend was my shower.. and everyone was incredibly generous. I couldn’t believe it.
My hair trial was also this weekend.. And I love it. Jamie is awesome.

I ran on Saturday with Jen. It was probably one of the best runs I’ve ever had. I only had time to do 4 miles, and it was kind of a bummer to quit then because we were doing so well! We definitely ran a little faster than I normally do, but it was a good fast! I didn’t feel like it was that hard. I hope she and I get to run the River Run together because it was so nice having someone there with me. It definitely aided in my motivation and made the time go by much faster. Her Nike+ was really helpful, and I want a one so badly now! Unfortunately, it does NOT work with iPhone. BOO!

I went to do the shred tonight, but the digital cable was being weird. So instead, I just did a few strength exercises. Here’s my food for the day:


23 Jan

It’s Friday! I weighed in at 139.2 this morning. This is the longest I’ve been in the 130s for as long as I can remember. I ran 3 miles last night.. sorta. I ran the first 1.5 miles at a 10:30 pace then had to stop because I thought I was going to throw up. I tried running some, and it wasn’t happening. I walked the rest of the way home and almost froze to death.

Yesterday’s food looked something like this
Breakfast: Fiber 1 pop tart; cup of coffee
Lunch: soup from mezza luna that was basically scrambled eggs
Snack: Zone bar
Dinner: Panera chicken noodle soup & 1/2 sierra turkey sandwich (no mayo)

I was so busy at work yesterday I didn’t really have time to eat. That’s probably one of the reasons my run sucked balls.

Tomorrow is going to be insane. Running 5 miles with Jen… Bridal hair consultation with Jamie… Bridal Shower… Then our bachelor/bachelorette party!


22 Jan

YAY! Two months from today, I will be getting married!!

I’m not even going to bother posting yesterday’s food. I ate pigs in a blanket and half a hershey’s bar for dinner last night if that tells you anything. I weighed in yesterday at 139.4.

Yet, I weighed in this morning at 138.4! WTF?! I’ll take it! I did take Midol yesterday though. That definitely helps with the water retention and bloating. Tonight is a nice 3 mile run.. And I just might push it to 4, depending on how I feel. Or I’ll run the 3 then hit the gym for some strength training. We’ll see! Afterwards, I’ll be packing for Jacksonville and my BRIDAL SHOWER! WOOT!!

Oh, and as soon as my new insurance goes through, I’m going back on Yaz. I can’t wait. I always drop 3-5lbs when I get back on it!