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Weekly Workout Recap

31 Jan


  • 3.0 mile run
  • .5 mile cool down


  • 2.5 mile run
  • .25 mile cool down


  • 6.0 mile run
  • .3 mile cool down

Total Miles: 12.3

Running was great, but I really needed to get back to strength training.


Back to Training

31 Jan

It’s official, y’all: I am back in training mode!

With the Gate River Run rapidly approaching, I figured it was time to get my rear in gear and start training again! Before I could take off for my 6-mile run, I had to fuel up:

I finally tried to egg white oatmeal that all the food bloggers have been raving about. It was pretty great! I threw in some chopped pecans and a little brown sugar as well. I wanted a banana, but we were out 😦

I had a pretty good, albeit brisk, run. Instead of running on the sidewalks, I took a detour on the cart paths of the golf course instead. At one point, I thought I’d been caught by the neighborhood controlled access, but they let me sneak by. It was really nice running along the cart paths. There were actually a few little hills, and some of it was dirt! I love switching my routes up.

I got home from my run and found the cutest effing thing ever waiting for me:

I love my boys. I also love how they cuddle on cold days 🙂 And by the way, Weenie is doing much, much better after his seizure. Fingers crossed that it was an isolated event!

We spent the rest of the day running errands, and had some chicken and biscuits for dinner:

I didn’t eat all of it. It had pimentos in it… and I don’t like pimentos. I get mental blocks against certain foods (sushi, tomatoes, olives, etc), and I just cannot make myself eat it. It doesn’t happen. Does this happen to anyone else? I always figured I took pickiness to the extreme.

Hubby and I have decided to give up alcohol for two weeks to see its effect on our weight. Yes, you read that correctly. I am giving up booze for two weeks. I texted one of my good friends with this news earlier and her response was, “WHA?! WHY?!” Yeah. Since that doesn’t start until tomorrow, we just had to drink this bottle tonight:

God, I love Cabernet.

I have a big announcement coming up soon. Just you wait! Its something I said I would NEVER do, but hey, things change 😉

Book Worm

30 Jan

I had the most amazing, delicious, yummy, fantastic breakfast this morning. Half an everything bagel, 2 strips of fake bacon, scrambled egg whites, and a slice of natural cheese. I even took a gorgeous picture of it too.

But alas, the batteries in my digital camera are dead, and I have none to replace them. So, it’ll be iPhone pics today.

Reading was on the big agenda for the day.

I started and finished “PS I Love You”. I was really underwhelmed by it. It had the potential to be so much better than it was. Fail.

All I wanted for dinner was a salad. And a salad was what I got:

Mm. I love fueling up on veggies. I plan on running 6 miles tomorrow morning. Should be a blast!

Tacos & Margaritas

29 Jan

Don’t pretend you aren’t jealous of my dinner. I totally would be if I were you. We also split a pitcher of margaritas.


Small Victories

28 Jan

This week, I’ve had two small victories.

About a month or so ago, the batteries in my scale went kaput and told me I gained 25lbs in 3 days. I never got around to replacing them. Therefore, I haven’t stepped on a scale in over a month. And it’s been really nice not obsessing over that number every single morning. This week we’re house sitting for my mom, and I saw her scale sitting on the bathroom floor… staring at me. It reminded me a lot of the Money You Could Be Saving With Geico. I even started hearing “I always feel like, somebody’s watchin’ me” in my head.

I couldn’t resist. I had to know.  And of course, I feared for the worst.

I have MANTAINED! VICTORY IS MINE! I haven’t gained. I haven’t lost. I have maintained. I don’t remember the exact number the previous time, but I know that they two are within a pound or two. I consider that to be a success!

And for my second small victory…

I went for a run on Tuesday night after work. I’ve been super lazy on my runs lately, and I haven’t felt very fast. Tuesday was different. My legs just wanted to GO! Unfortunately, my sinuses wouldn’t let me go that fast. But still. It was a MUCH quicker 3 miles than I’ve been running lately. I was super proud! Let’s hope tonight goes just as well.

Have you had any small (or LARGE) victories lately?

Weekly Workout Recap

27 Jan

Wow! I just realized I never posted a weekly workout recap last week. Sorry!

In all reality, there wasn’t that much to report…

-2.5 mile run, .25 mile cool down

– 2.68 mile run, .3 mile cool down

Total miles: 5.73

I’m really disappointed that I didn’t get my 10 miles in, but sometimes it just doesn’t happen. I refuse to beat myself up over it.

Here’s to hoping for a better week this week!

Oatmeal Explosion

26 Jan

Thank you to everyone for the well-wishes for the Hubs and the Pupster. They’re both doing fine, and Pupster has a follow up appointment at our regular vet this week! We’ve also changed his food to an organic, limited ingredient variety based on recommendations from a friend whose dog suffers from epilepsy.

This morning, my oatmeal exploded all over the microwave. I was really bummed. I ended up stuck eating a South Beach Diet bar:

It tasted okay.. but it didn’t keep me full for very long. I was ready for lunch a full hour before my normal time, but I waited anyways. With that in mind, I scarfed down my lunch:

I got quite a few compliments within the office about how great it smelled 🙂

I’m really excited to get home from work today and go for a run. Let’s hope this feeling last until 5:30!