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Rainbow Cake

18 May

For adorable niece, Summer, has requested that I bake her birthday cake for her 4th birthday because my soda cakes are her “favorite”. She definitely knows how to butter me up.

This pleased me to no end because it allows me to finally bake a rainbow cake! And, I figured I needed a trial run, so here we go!

I started with a regular yellow cake mix and mixed it up according to the directions. Next time I intend on making it with diet sprite.

Then, I separated the batter into four bowls and used gel food coloring to dye each individual batter:

Then, I poured a little bit of each batter into two round cake pans:

Time to bake!

I overcooked it just a tad, so I was worried the colors wouldn’t be very vibrant.

I frosted it with buttercream frosting:

And here’s the inside:

I’m really happy with the way it turned out! For Summer’s cake, I’m going to color the icing green, and put little plastic ponies on top!


I Met My Mini Goal!

16 May

I met my mini goal of 10 miles this week!

Thursday, I ran a quick loop (1.68 miles) around the neighborhood before I lifted. I ran it in 18:00, so I’m proud of the pace.

Today, I ran on the treadmill. I was also dehydrated. I ran 2.64 miles in 29:31. I had to stop and walk twice because I was so miserable. Stupid Aunt Flo is messing with my running. I then continued to walk another .2 miles.

Weekly Miles:
Sunday – 3.3
Tuesday – 2.5
Thursday – 1.68
Saturday – 2.84
Total – 10.32 Miles


14 May

I’m featured on the Nest’s Health & Fitness blog this week!

I’ve been wavering around 136.2-136.6 the past few days. I’m good with that. The hubby and I are going to run about 2 miles tonight then go lift for a little while.

14 May

I think I’m going to schedule boudoir pics…… 🙂

Back on Track

12 May

Ran 2.5 miles tonight after work. It was humid as hell and miserable. I still powered through it though. I’m well on my way to hitting my mini goal this week.

I’m back down to 136.2 after a high of 139.8 the other day. I’m thinking I can get back down to 133-134 for Memorial Day weekend.

Sunday Funday 5/10

11 May

I forgot earlier, but Happy Mother’s Day!

I went to the park and ran this evening with my wonderful Husband.

3.3 miles in roughly 40 minutes. I didn’t time myself. I’m trying not to worry about it because it makes me dread my runs.

Big Thanks

10 May

Thank you ladies for your thoughts and support 🙂 I appreciate it greatly.

The plan for today is to go for a 3.5-4.0 mile run at the park this evening. I would’ve done it this morning, but I woke up with a bit of a sore throat and decided to wait. I also need to go grocery shopping today.

I’ve also started using sparkpeople again. My username on there is MrsDMK. Find me! We can be friends 🙂 I downloaded the sparkpeople iPhone app because LoseIt just wasn’t cutting it anymore.

I bought mostly clean foods at the grocery store, and I didn’t buy any sweets or crap! No white flour! No alcohol! I definitely stuck to shopping in the perimeter of the store. I’m hoping only having healthy items in the house will encourage healthy habits and weight loss.

Weekly Mileage 5/3 – 5/9
7.1 miles

Not my best. I’m trying for at least 10 miles this week.