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30 Aug

Champagne + Ocean Spray Diet Cranberry Splash = Love

Here’s a GREAT video about how to uncork a bottle of bubbly:


Lovely Sunday

30 Aug

I really wish I would’ve taken a picture of my breakfast this morning because it was glorious! I made turkey bacon, wheat biscuits and gravy! It was a delicious way to start my Sunday.

Note to self (or anyone for that matter): I would kill for a mimosa right now.

I was scheduled to run 6 miles last night, but I only made it 5.61. It was getting dark quick, and my loop wasn’t as far as I thought it was.

Run recap:
5.61 Miles
12:13 pace

This Can’t Be A Good Sign…

29 Aug

I’ve had an impending sense of doom this afternoon regarding the 6 miles I’m about to go run… And now? I have hiccups. Great.

Not Too Shabby!

29 Aug

Since moving to Jacksonville, I’ve kept up my running but slacked on eating and lifting. I haven’t even stepped on a scale since I moved a little over two weeks ago. I have eaten: Mexican food (twice), cookies, Chick-Fil-A, McDonalds, Outback, french fries, ice cream, cakes, you name it! It hasn’t been pretty.

This weekend, I’m down in Melbourne visiting the hubby. I walked in the bathroom this morning, and I saw my scale staring up at me. I just had to get on it and measure the damage. I couldn’t believe it! I’m only up 1.4lbs from my last weigh-in! And, it’s that time of the month! I’m very, very pleased.

Tonight, we’re going on a long 6-mile run. I hope it goes as well as my 5 miles last weekend. I felt so strong last weekend. I pray it goes as well this weekend. Monday is the official start of my half-marathon training. Gah! I can’t believe it’s here already!

I’m Still Here!

26 Aug

I promise I’m still around!

Not having internet access is NOT fun! I am not a fan!

Anyways, I’ve been running pretty consistently. I haven’t stepped on a scale in over two weeks though, and I don’t think I want to. I’ve been eating what I want, when I want, and its been a nice change of pace.

Next week, I officially start training for my half marathon. Its going to be tough! At least I have plenty of people to run with now that I live in Jacksonville (Jen, Ashlee.. I mean the two of you.. so get ready!)

I’ve started tracking my runs using the Daily Mile. If you haven’t checked it out yet, I highly suggest you head on over there and do so!

Wife Chop!

17 Aug

I chopped my hair off! Thoughts?

Scales are Evil

14 Aug

I’ve been super swamped since I got the news that I’m moving to Jacksonville. I’ve basically had a day and a half to do all my laundry, pack my essentials AND get things in order for the boudoir pictures. Check out my dining room table, covered with my “essential” clothing:

Upon seeing my things on the dining table last night, my husband got a little teary-eyed. Neither of us is really looking forward to the time apart. When he first moved down to Melbourne two years ago, we spent a few weeks apart while I was finishing up school and getting my ducks in a row to move down to be with him. It was hard on us both and we made the 5-hour drive a few times just to see each other.

Anyways, I still have a ton to do for the move. Hello, cup of Joe, we’ll be good friends today. After I finish this blog and get dressed, I’ve got to take my car to get the oil changed. I’ve put a lot of miles on it recently, and I really don’t want to neglect it. Then I need to finish my packing, double check everything, load up the car, say goodbye to my doggies (only temporary, they’re coming up with the hubs later), drive up, hopefully drop things off at my mom’s, then meet my husband at his parents’ house. I hope I can squeeze in a run around their neighborhood tonight.

Judging by the title of this post, its safe to assume today’s weigh-in wasn’t that spectacular: 133.2. Not a shocker. Whenever I have a night of boozing, I always see the effect on the scale two days after. Today was no different. So my plan is to continue chugging water like I did yesterday, avoid sodium, and eat a lot of veggies and lean protein. That should take care of my problem.

I did manage to get to the gym yesterday. I did a 30-minute 30 Day Shred-style circuit workout:

Circuit 1
2 min running @ 6.0
2 sets, 12 reps modified push-ups
2 sets, 12 reps squat-presses
50 crunches
50 crunches w/ a twist
Circuit 2
2 min running @ 6.0
2 sets, 12 reps standing dumbbell rows
2 sets, 12 reps forward lunges with dumbbell curl
100 bicycle crunches
Circuit 3
2 min running @ 6.0
2 sets, 12 reps dumbbell chest flys
2 sets, 12 reps lateral lunges with upright rows
25 dumbbell crunches
25 Roman twists
25 reverse crunches
25 knees-to-chest

5 min cool down walk & stretch.