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Lunch of champions

29 Jun

Cinnamon rolls
Diet Coke



So. Tired.

29 Jun

I am exhausted.

The hubs and I played tennis this afternoon, then went to the pool and swam laps.

Did I mention I’m absolutely beat?

Race Calendar ’09-10

28 Jun

11/1/09 – Pumpkin Run (haven’t decided between the 5k and 10-miler)
11/27/09 – Outback Distance Classic Half Marathon
3/13/09 – Gate River Run 15k

I’m also contemplating the Marine Corps Half marathon in October or the 26.2 with Donna Half Marathon in February.

I plan on adding a 5k or two in there as well.

Saturday 6/27 AM Run

27 Jun

I woke up around 6:45 this morning. I wasn’t planning on running til later today, but I figured if I was awake, I might as well run. I ate a piece of toast and drank some gatorade. When I started running, I felt some pain and soreness along the outside of my right thigh. I kept going, thinking it would disappear as I loosened up. No such luck. I hit about a mile and turned around and went home.

PS – I’m exhausted. I need a nap.


25 Jun

Decided to swim laps tonight instead of running in honor of the brutal heat. I’m hoping to run about 4 miles tomorrow. We’ll see how that goes! I could use a good ab workout too.

I’m totally sore from walking lunges on the way home from my lifting session at the gym lady night. I hope I’m sore from swimming tomorrow. Soreness gives me a sense of accomplishment.

Saturday Run

21 Jun

As I’ve previously posted, I’ve been following the Women’s Health Running for Weight Loss program. I haven’t really been following the diet and strength, but I liked the running progression for 30 to 60 minutes as a way to give my workouts structure over the next few weeks. Essentially, it takes the C25k program a step further. I’m ending week 2 Sunday.

Saturday Run Info:
3.5 Miles
11:28 pace

.5 – 5:29

The last 8 minutes of the workout consisted of intervals: 2 minutes running and 2 minutes walking.

I’m pleased with my progress thus far. I highly recommend this program.

Big Batch Cooking & Its Effin Hot

20 Jun

I’ve decided to start trying to cook big batches of healthy dinners and freezing them. Currently, I have a big pot of chili (made with Morningstar Farms Soy Crumbles instead of meat) on the stove. I want to make a few more entrees.

Running outside has not happened in awhile. It is just too hot for this girl. I’m going to stick to the treadmill until I start training for my half marathon in September. Then I’ll push myself to run outside more.

I haven’t hit the gym since my big, fat failure on Wednesday. I plan on going later this evening. Brandon and I were talking about going for a run outside at 8 pm. I’m really looking forward to it. I like when we run together cause it gives us a chance to spend even more time together.

By the way, if anyone is on, feel free to add me: DMKing322.