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Outback Distance Classic 6k

30 Nov

It was cold.

Well, cold for this Floridian. Brandon and I met up with Sonja and Matt before the race. Somewhere in the next 10 minutes, I lost Brandon. Sonja and I started the race together, and I looked back, and I lost her too. I was all alone pretty quick. I was passing people, so I felt nice and confident. I did the first mile in 11:00. Perfect pace to hit my goal. Somewhere around 2.75 miles, I started to get fairly tired.

When I saw the finish line, I booked it. My official time was 40:23. My goal was 40:00. I’m really happy with that considering the last time I ran 3.6 miles, I did it in 42:23. I seem to like 00:23 times. But I shaved two minutes off so I’m happy.

This morning Brandon and I went out for a run around his parents neighborhood. I went out for 10 minutes, and it felt so stiff and jerky. I couldn’t get in a groove, so I turned around and headed back. All in all, I still managed about a 23 minute run. Not too shabby for a throw away.

Oh, and I probably gained 5lbs this weekend. Ugh. I can’t wait to get home and get back in my routine.


I’m tired, cranky and I have cramps.

25 Nov

I finally have time to update! I feel like I haven’t written in here in forever. The Outback 6k is 2 days away, and I can confidently say I’m ready for it.

This weekend I managed to get in a few good workouts:
Saturday we did HIIT training on the treadmill then circuit training.
Sunday I ran 3.5 miles. It was a rough one considering I had serious cramps. I didn’t hit a groove until about 2 miles in. Other than that, it was decent. When I hit the “finish line” I nearly fell down I was so happy to be done.

We’ll see how Thursday goes!

Friday Night

22 Nov

Not really in the mood to write.. but wanted to log this:
kicked up the pace and ran 3.o in 33 last night 🙂

WTD miles: 9.0

Hey Kikimonster….

19 Nov

This is the “hill” I’m talkin’ about:

I Made The Causeway My Bitch

19 Nov

…Or something like that!

Dana and I ran right after work tonight. We ran from our office, over the Causeway, and down to Riverside and BACK! Yes, that’s crossing over the big ol’ causeway twice! We had a decent pace too. The uphill definitely killed my pace, but even so, we still finished the 3.5 miles in 42:23. Not too shabby! That’s just shy of 12 minute miles. I’m pleased with it. I felt like most of the run was quicker than my normal pace. It was really nice having someone to run with. Afterwards, I even did some upper body strength training and abs with Brandon.

Tomorrow: HIIT on the treadmill & lower body strength
Thursday: Easy 3.0
Friday: off
Saturday: 4.0

WTD Miles: 6.0

Sunday Funday

16 Nov

I am LOVING this weather! It is FANTASTIC! We went to Wickham Park today.. Ran around for a little while. MapMyRun says I ran 2.5 miles, but somehow I think it was more than that…. I ran for 30 minutes then stretched. We came home and took the dogs to the playground. They both LOVED going down the slide.

This week:
Monday: Speedwork + Lifting
Tuesday: Causeway run w/ Dana.. 3.5 miles
Wednesday: Strength
Thursday: 3.5 miles
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 4.0 miles

That’s my plan! We’ll see if I stick to it.

HIIT Kicked My Ass

15 Nov

I tried High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) last night for the first time. It was my treadmill version of “speedwork”. I did 60 second jogs and 30 second sprints. I lasted 10 minutes! It kicked my ass!

I rounded out the rest of the workout with a little circuit training since I’ve been a lazy ass this week. I did 3 circuits of arms, abs and legs.

Today we saw the new Bond movie.
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That man as Bond totally does it for me 🙂 It was awesome! Loved it.