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Saturday 09.27.08

28 Sep

WOOO HOOOO!! I had a pretty damn good run yesterday!!! It was C25k Week 5, Day 1 (yes, I’m repeating a week). I felt awesome! I did the whole 2 miles in 24:30 minutes. So 12:15 miles.. I’m happy with that! If only I can get it up to 3… then 5… then half marathon!!

Did some strength training too for upper body and abs. I feel good today.

Too bad I blew it last night at the Children’s Home Society Gala.. Oh well it was good for my career (I’ll just keep telling myself that…..)! We actually bought a painting in the silent auction. I’ll post pics ASAP.


Thursday 09.25.08

26 Sep

Yesterday Dana and I walked about a mile and a half (in stilettos!) to knock on people’s doors and ask if they’ve made any decision regarding the November Election. I’m counting that as exercise cause it raped my feet.

After the foot raping, I decided to hit up the gym to do a run. I started to run, lasted about 10 minutes, and had to quit for my poor feet’s sake. I was absolutely crushed that I was so tired and unable to run. Atleast I did some strength training, so it wasn’t a complete waste of a day! I feel like such a lazy fatty since I hadn’t worked out since Sunday! Boo! Must work out this weekend! I really need to get back into my routine of getting up at 6 to be at the gym. I felt like I got a lot more accomplished then.

Goal this week: Get up 2 days to hit the gym before work.

It’s a little goal, but I think I can do it. What should my treat be……..

09.20.2008 – First 5k

21 Sep

I ran my first 5k race yesterday. I wish I would’ve taken a shit beforehand. I am very disappointed in my performance.

So my first mile was decent – 11:30. Then it hit me: I had to go to the bathroom so bad. The rest of the race I attempted to do intervals, but spent a good majority walking due to my imminent bowel movements. Second mile – 24:30. Still not too terrible. Finished with a time of 39:30. Last quarter of a mile I booked it as fast as I could cause I could see the finish line. I was ready to cross it and keep running to the nearest bathroom. When I ran, I didn’t feel tired…… Only thing bothering me was the possible prairie dog situation.

Had I not been thwarted by my bowels, I could’ve broken 36:00 time goal. Next time I will.

Thursday 09.18.09

18 Sep

I found out today that I’m running my first 5k this weekend! It’s the Children’s Home Society Turtle Trot 5k and I’m representing the company I work for. Brandon will be running it with me. I plan on doing a 5 run/1 walk rotation for the race.

So this afternoon, I ran about 3 miles. It was a little tough, and I definitely had to stop and walk. I started out strong though.

Wednesday 09.17.08

17 Sep

Firstly, YAY! Blogger unblocked my blog! Here we go!

I was a lazy ass and didn’t do my C25k 😦

Tuesday 09.09.08

9 Sep

C25k Week 5 #1 (21 min. treadmill)
30DS L1D2