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I Almost Died

29 Apr

I almost died because its so flucking hot outside. Good lord. I got about 15 minutes into my run and had to stop. Chest pains aren’t cool, homie. Thankfully, Brandon saw me and walked back to the apartment with me.

I gotta get used to this shit or move. I’m thinking move..

1.32 miles
Don’t even want to know my pace.


Wishlist Wednesday

29 Apr

Garmin Forerunner 305: I’m sick of using MapMyRun and not knowing my pace til after my run. I really think I need to pull a Jen and buy one to bribe myself into running more often!

Tuesday 4/24

29 Apr

Ran 1 mile in 10:16

Lifted. Felt like death.


28 Apr

I’m lazy. I didn’t work out today. I drank wine and had a slim-a-bear instead.

I walked the dogs. Does that count for anything?

Sun 4/26

26 Apr

2.38 miles
11:31 pace

Blah. Hips super tight. Made run miserable.

I need a kick in the pants Pt. 2

26 Apr

This post is titled “Part 2” because apparently I already have another post with the same title. Yikes.

I’ve been lingering between 136-138 since the honeymoon. My working out has DEFINITELY decreased. I need to get back into my rhythm. I hate making excuses, but I feel like going out of town every weekend over the past couple of weeks has really taken its toll on my motivation. I feel so tired all the time.

Regardless, Friday night I went to Zumba with a co-worker. In case you didn’t know, I’m not exactly what one would describe as “graceful”. I am very talented at falling down, and I’m constantly covered in bruises from unknown incidents (I blame the dog). Within the first ten minutes of class, I met the floor face-first. I got right back up and kept going though. We also did an ab workout (that I’m still feeling).

Yesterday, I redecorated the apartment, and I managed to be super productive. I even laid by the pool and worked out! I ran a small loop around the complex to the gym that ended up being 1.7 miles. I ran it in a little under 19 minutes. My pace was about 11:11. Not too shabby considering I hadn’t ran in almost a week. Then I went inside to the gym and did a decent upper body workout. I feel it today! My entire body is a little on the sore side. I just need to get back into the routine and have no more excuses! I had my bridesmaids dress for a friend’s wedding in May sitting in my closet. It’s a David’s Bridal sz 8 (which translate to like, -2 in normal sizes), and I have to fit into it! Here it is:


Sat 4/25

25 Apr

1.68 miles
11:11 pace

Nice easy run before upper body strength training.