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New 5k PR & Cupcakes!

16 May

I admit:  I’m a loser who forgot to take her camera to the 5k yesterday morning.  Massive blog failure, I know.  I’m counting on 1st Place Sports to post some pictures on their Facebook.  As soon as they do, I’ll post ’em here.

Marty’s Run 5k was pretty much a sure-thing PR.  I’ve only actually run in two 5ks before:  the first being a massive disaster and the second as a support system for a friend.  I didn’t really “race” either of them, so I don’t really have a PR.  I needed a stepping stone.  Basically, I wanted this race to be my running report card.

I knew I was screwed when I hadn’t even started running and I was ready to sweat.  The humidity was insane, and I prefer to drink my water, not breathe it.  The gun went off, and I bolted across the start line at  a 9:30 pace.  I checked my Garmin and knowing I couldn’t sustain that, I tried to slow myself down.  My pace just kept creeping down to an unsustainable level.  I had such a hard time slowing myself down and controlling my pace.  I was drenched in sweat by the first mile.  Not good.

The next two miles were more torturous, overly hot fun.  I slowed down a bit, and even stopped to take a quick walk break.  When I turned the corner and saw the finish line a tenth of a mile away, I sprinted.  My short little legs somehow got down to a 6:56 pace (?!?!?!).  Crazy fast, I know.  I could hear Brandon cheering me on, and I was so.ready. to be done.  My official race time was 34:13 (an 11:02 pace).

The whole thing just made me wonder:  How on EARTH did I EVER run a half marathon?! I have got to get my distance mojo back before the end of the summer and the beginning of race season.

Last night, we headed over to Ashlee’s for her birthday BBQ.  Her cupcake display was unreal:

She baked every single one of those herself, and they were AMAZING.  Brandon and I split the Mojito, Irish Carbomb, Mudslide and Limoncello ones.  That girl can BAKE!

We ate some delicious turkey burgers, Ashlee’s homemade mac and cheese, and nibbed on her spread of hummus, pita chips, pretzel sticks, tomato-mozzarella-tortellini kabobs, and veggies.  We drank beer, played cornhole (I was totally clutch by the way) and had an overall great evening!  Thanks for having us and HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Ash!

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Hope everyone had a great weekend!