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Treadmill Survival 101

13 May

I don’t know why, but I’m in a really good mood today.  No particular reason and I’m really hoping that nothing happens to mess it up.  It’s nice to be in a good mood.

Maybe it was the oatmeal, almond butter and banana I had for breakfast:

Or the chicken stir-fry for lunch:

Or picking up my race packet for Marty’s Run 5k:

Or maybe the Yogaberry I’m munching on right now:

Either way, I like it, and I want to stay in a good mood.

Here in Florida, it’s getting to that time of year where running outdoors becomes torturous (at best).  While I despise running on the treadmill, I hate it a little bit less than humidity (and bugs, can’t forget the Florida bugs).  Problem is: it takes me a little while to build up my treadmill tolerance.  When I don’t run on the treadmill for a long time, the hatred thickens.  I remember how boring it is, and I consider running outside again.  But running outside is miserrrrrrable.  It’s a Catch-22.  I can’t win.

Instead of diving in head first to the treadmill this year, I think I’m going to wade in and see if that approach works better.  Throughout the summer, I still like to do one run a week outdoors, but that leaves 2-3 runs a week on the treadmill (stab me in the eyeball please).  For the remainder of May, my goal is to do one run per week on the torture track, with the others outside (with copious amounts of bug spray).  For instance, I thought I was going to fall off the treadmill and die of boredom during my 3.0 miles in 34:30.  While it wasn’t what I would consider to be a bad run, it still had much to be desired. Come June, I’ll do two runs a week for the first two weeks, then from there on out: most of the runs on the treadmill.  And then comes the boredom.  Here’s my tips for beating boredom on the treadmill:

  • Music: You all know I love my playlists.  Whenever I’m fighting boredom or having motivation issues, I always combat it with a new playlist.  Try putting your old school summer favorites on it.  My current picks: “Ice, Ice Baby” (Glee Cast Version) or Mariah Carey’s “Always Be My Baby”.
  • If you don’t like music, hit the treadmill during your favorite TV show.  I once managed to get an entire hour of running in on the treadmill by watching an episode of NCIS.  That, my friends, is an absolute miracle considering my (lack of an) attention span.
  • Pick a routine: intervals, speed work, hills, whatever.  Setting the treadmill on 1.0 incline and 6.0 mph and going is really boring (nor is it doing you any favors).  Speed up, slow down, increase and decrease the incline, whatever you do, make it interesting!
  • Don’t be afraid to take walk breaks.  Last night, I busted out the speed thinking I was Super Woman, and quickly realized that I am not that fast.  I took a few quick walk breaks, and it made all the difference for me both mentally and physically. 
  • If all else fails, go to a crowded gym and people watch!  Surely there’s got to be some interesting characters to focus on. 

The art of distraction is key for me on the treadmill.  Hope my tips help!


Poor Sick Puppies & The Players

4 May

The Kayne and the ‘Mo did not want to get out of bed this morning:

I don’t blame them. They both seem to have picked up some sort of puppy stomach virus 😦 We even had to get Kayne Pedialyte last night to keep him from getting dehydrated. Now they’re on a strict rice-only diet til this clears up.

I really wanted to stay at home and snuggle with them. Instead, I had to come to work. Boo.

I didn’t get to take a picture of my breakfast this morning because driving + eating + taking a picture = not possible for me! But lunch, I remembered:

Sandwich thin + turkey + hummus + 1/2 wedge of laughing cow = awesome!

Tonight, I need to go for a run, but sadly, the weather looks like this:

YUCK!  Looks like it’ll be the treadmill for me.

So… remember that time when I got married at this place?

Well, there’s this little tournament there this weekend.  You may have heard of it.  It’s called The Players Championship, and there’s going to be some guys named Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson swinging some clubs…. and I’m going on Sunday!  Woo hoo! Its my first time going to The Players and I’m so excited!

Just for the record, I’m pullin’ for Ian Poulter.  I like his style.

The Longest (2) Mile(s)

21 Apr

My run tonight was brutal.

Now that I’m back from my strength training hiatus, I forgot how hard it is to run when you’re stiff and sore from a good lifting session. I plodded along for 2 miles (24:01 – 12:30/11:31) and every step was a reminder of my hard work yesterday.  As soon as I got home, I grabbed my foam roller for relief:

I rolled my quads, my hamstrings, my calves, and my IT bands.  Oh, sweet, painful relief.

At least my day started out nicely:

I scooped out the second to last tablespoon of almond butter, and we all know what that means:  Oats in a Jar tomorrow!  Woo hoo!  If that’s not reason enough to get up and go to work (cause my oatmeal and almond butter are in my desk) then I don’t know what is!

Even though it’s warmer outside, I wanted soup for some reason at lunch:

I tend to avoid soup in warmer months.  Shocking, I know. I can’t imagine I’m the only person who does that 😉 But I always love a good beef and barley soup. With it, I had a cheddar biscuit from Red Lobster.  A dozen of them showed up in the office kitchen during lunch and I could not resist.  I haven’t eaten at a Red Lobster in probably 15 years, but goodness, those biscuits are GOOD!

After our run, I came home and made my Mom’s Red Beans & Rice and Cornbread Casserole:

While I’ve promised not to share the Red Beans & Rice recipe, I can share the Cornbread Casserole recipe:

  • 1 Box Jiffy Cornbread Mix
  • 1 egg
  • 1 can of corn
  • 1/3 c. milk
  • 2 packets of Splenda
  • 1/2 c. sour cream

Mix it all up, spread it in a 8×8 or 9×9 pan, and bake in the oven at 400 for 20 minutes.  Enjoy!

All in a Day’s Eats

20 Apr

It’s Glee Day! It’s Glee Day! Yay!  So.. if this post sucks?  Its because I’m attempting to write it during the Glee commercials.  Sorry!  I suck, I know.

Gotta love any morning that starts with an egg white and cheese honey wheat English muffin:

And a Starbucks Skinny Latte:

I’ve got this habit of chugging Starbucks lattes.  I don’t sip them like I do with normal coffee.  I make like a frat boy and CHUG.

Lunch consisted of some leftover Asian slaw and Morningstar Farms Chik’n Nuggets:

I’ve been trying to increase my fruit and vegetable intake lately.  Because my breakfast was lacking, I made sure to get in an extra serving at lunch:

I’ve decided I need to do a little more strength training to tone up.  Instead of just going for a run tonight, I ran to the gym.  The mile to the gym?  Yeah.  I ran it at a closer-to-Brandon’s pace.  Ouch.   He chatted my ear off and I huffed and puffed.  But, I’m sure that somehow, some way, it was good for me 😉

Once I got there, I did this workout from Women’s Health Magazine:

Holy mother.  I was TIRED by the end of it.  My legs were wobbly and my shoulders were exhausted… and I still had to run home.  Shit.

The run home was MUCH slower.  And it came to a complete halt at with a quarter mile to go.  There was a gorgeous white dog standing in the middle of the road.  He’d obviously gotten out, but he wouldn’t let me close enough to check his collar.  I tried to keep him out of the road, but he just kept growling and barking at me.  He just didn’t want to be my friend.  Eventually his owner came out and collected him.  I told Brandon about it, and its not the first time this dog has been loose in recent days.  We even saw him again on the side of the road coming home from dinner.  People in this neighborhood are so awful about letting their dogs run loose.  It infuriates me.

I have a serious love affair with Mexican food.  If it’s Mexican, I pretty much like and crave it like crazy.  And we hadn’t had Tijuana Flats in a while……

So yeah.  Hello, Chicken Quesadilla.  And just because… some sad Cosmo:


Welcome Back, Energy

9 Apr

TGIF, y’all!

I had to hijack the camera cable from my office this afternoon… How sad is that?  But at least I was able to upload a bunch of new pictures to the House Section.   Check it out!

Last night, I had a pretty bitchin’   session:

.5m @ 12:29
.25 @ 10:18
.25 @ 12:44
.25 @ 10:13
.25 @ 13:08
.25 @ 10:30
.25 @ 13:45
.25 @ 10:51(distracted by fire trucks!)
.25 @ 13:31
.25 @ 9:44
.25 @ 19:31 (cool down)

Total: 2.99 37:xx

It was so nice to have my energy level back up again!  I’ve been really struggling with my after-work energy, but last night was just so nice outside.

Today, I had lunch with the lovely Ashley!  We went to a local Jax place, Al’s Pizza.  I couldn’t help but laugh when we both ordered the exact same thing!  Total coincidence because we didn’t even discuss our orders beforehand.  I had a side salad, a slice of cheese pizza, and one of their amazing homemade pretzels:

Yay for blogger lunches!  Welcome to Jacksonville, Ashley!

The pizza was kind of disappointing, but the pretzel and salad made up for it BY FAR!  The freshly shredded mozzarella on the salad made my day.  Delicious!

Tonight, I’m planning on going for a run with the hubby again.  And I have absolutely no idea what we’re having for dinner.  Any ideas for us?

No Good, Very Bad Week

1 Apr

Ever have one of those weeks where it just seems like everything sucks?

That’s the kind of week I’ve had.  Clients at work have been crazy.  My workouts have sucked.  I’ve felt zero motivation to write.  I’ve just been tired and cranky.  Would I like some cheese with that wine?  Of course 😉

So how did I start my day today?  By spilling coffee all over myself of course.  Ugh.  (Did I mention I really liked my outfit today?  Big.  Fat.  Boo.)

Thankfully, it was not an omen for the rest of my day. I had a tasty lunch of grilled chicken breast strips, barley, snow peas, carrots and a light olive oil sauce:

I’ve been fighting running boredom a lot lately.  I absolutely hate out-and-backs, and that’s about all there is to run in this neighborhood.  I just needed to run something different.  My boredom inspired me to be a rebel:  I ran on the cart paths along the golf course instead tonight.  It actually has some little rolling hills and the change was refreshing.  Unfortunately, its against the Country Club’s rules, and we’re probably going to get a nasty letter in the mail regarding my rule-breaking.

Regardless of my indiscretion, I had a pretty good run.  Not super-duper fast, but a definite improvement from what I’ve been running lately (even though it was nearly EIGHTY DEGREES when I ran!!!!!):

  1. 11:51
  2. 11:44
  3. 11:09

Total: 3.0 in 34:43

Not too shabby.

For dinner, Hubby and I had some Morningstar Farms “burgers” on mini pitas and frozen vegetables:

And now?  I want Jell-O.


Slipper Day

30 Mar

Thankfully, I work in a pretty fun office. We’re a fairly silly group of people, and we declared this week “Make Work Fun!” week. Today was slipper day:

Seriously, how can you have a bad day when you’re wearing slippers at work? (Okay, you actually can, because I did, but that’s besides the point. I bounced back quickly though).

I realize I haven’t really been posting my eats lately, and I’m trying to get better about it. I did remember to take a picture of lunch today. Its my new favorite – a baked potato with broccoli and cheese on it:

So good and so filling!

Yesterday after work, we went to go see the house. The framing is up now! It’s crazy how fast its being built. Needless to say, it was also my rest day. On Sunday, I attempted speed work for the first time in months.

It went a little something like this:

  • .25m @ 13:10
  • .5m @ 10:39
  • .25m @ 12:55
  • .5m @ 10:43
  • .25m @ 12:55
  • .5m @ 10:55
  • .25m @ 13:15
  • Cooldown .49 @ 17:28

I was totally wiped out when I finished.  I had a great time though, and it was really nice to shake up my usual 3 mile route. Its amazing what mixing things up will do.  Here’s 5 reasons you should mix up your routines:

  1. It prevents boredom
  2. It helps you bust through plateaus
  3. It keeps your body guessing
  4. Help prevent overuse injuries
  5. It helps you improve your abilities!

Whats your favorite way to shake up your routine?