Getting Back On The Horse

10 May

Happy Monday! Starting the work week is always so hard, and I find it so easy to blow off Monday workout.  Since I haven’t ran in over a week, I was itching to spend some quality time with the pavement and my Garmin today.

I’m not going to lie: it was a struggle.  I eked out 2 miles in 23:00.  Not terrible, but it wasn’t exactly breezy.  Who knew that 2 miles could be so hard after only a week off?  Remind me never to do that again.

With that in mind, here’s some tips for getting back on the horse (aka your workout routine):

  • Create a new playlist – downloading new, fun tracks and incorporating some good ‘ol stand-bys is always a good way to get me excited about a workout
  • Enlist a friend – it’s a lot harder to give up or blow it off if you have someone keeping you accountable, so make it a date!
  • Take it easy – don’t set yourself up for failure.  After a break, your fitness levels aren’t going to be quite as high as they were pre-break, so maybe set your sights a little lower.  For instance, I only ran 2 easy miles tonight instead of the 3-4 I normally run after work.

Alright, since it’s bed time and my camera is downstairs, I leave you with this:

Rotten little wiener dog 😉


Sunday At The Players

9 May

Happy Mother’s Day! Hope all the mothers and expectant mothers have had a fantastic day. And yes, that includes furbaby moms as well!

A few fun facts: I really want to learn to play golf. I also love to nap while watching golf tournaments on TV. And I’m mildly obsessed with TPC Sawgrass. So what does that have to do with anything? Oh yes, we went to The Players Championship today:

Sadly, TPC doesn’t allow cameras or cell phones during the tournament, so I was only able to snap that on my iPhone as we drove in.

Brandon and I spent a majority of our time there sitting in the grass by the 16th green where we also had a decent view of the 17th green (also know as “The Island Green”). The Island Green is so famous that NBC devotes 11 cameras to it! Insanity! We actually saw an alligator swimming around in the water surrounding the green. Thankfully, it was too far away for me to freak out at all.

We took a detour and watched Phil Mickelson on the 2nd hole, and ran into a few friends. Actually, as we were in the parking lot, I spotted Caitlin and her husband! She was super sweet and it was nice to finally meet her 🙂

We stayed at the tournament long enough to see Adam Scott finish. Ladies, let me tell ya: that man is even HOTTER in person. Whew. Sexy.

And when we got home, we had an awesome surprise waiting in the backyard – Manatees in the lagoon:

I ran inside to get lettuce to feed them, and Brandon jumped in his kayak. Sadly, I think we scared them away 😦 I just wanted to be friends with them!

How was your weekend?!

The Intoxicating Smell of Cookies

8 May

Confession:  I may or may not have been a little intoxicated when I posted last night.  Whoops.

Today has been one of those days where if something can get complicated, it WILL get complicated.  We spent 2 hours at the bank doing something that should’ve taken 5 minutes.  Then I took my mom to get a new phone for Mother’s Day.  She changed her mind about 15 times, then finally went with the first one she picked.  Its been a long day.

But at least it started with a croissant with almond butter and a banana:

And right now, there’s two batches of cookies sitting in the kitchen:

Mmm.  I love when my house smells like fresh-baked cookies.

Speaking of houses, I got ridiculously excited about this today:

We have a mailbox!  Yay!


7 May

After having to take the pups to the vet and dropping mass amounts of money on then, they’re finally feeling better 🙂

I, on the other hand, am not.

The bug bites got so bad I made a trip to urgent care. An antibiotic, an antihistamine and a steroid cream later, I’ve found some relief. But sadly, no sweating or sun til I’m better. BIG FAT BOO! I actually really miss runnig and it hasn’t even been a week yet.

Do you get stir crazy when you can’t exercise?

Cinco de Drinko

5 May

Happy Cinco de Mayo, y’all!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful (and responsible!) Cinco de Mayo 🙂

I started my day off with a croissant, almond butter and a banana:

I didn’t sleep much last night because of the dogs.  They both have intestinal bacterial infections.  I had to dip out of work early to take them to the vet 😦  They seem to be feeling much better today though!

Due to being busy with the dogs, I completely forgot about packing lunch.  I considered going to McDonalds or Chick-Fil-A and getting a burger or chicken sandwich and a side salad, but I settled for Subway instead.  I got my usual ham & turkey on 9-grain honey oat with provolone, lettuce and a little bit of spinach:

And some Sun Chips on the side:

I’m really bummed that Subway quit carrying carrots on their menu.  I always loved the hint of crispy sweetness that carrots added to my sandwich.

When I got home from work, I decided to end my lazy-streak and go for a run.

And I failed.

I got half a mile into my run and absolutely could not take it.  I was attacked by bugs the other evening and I currently have 33 bites on my thighs:

With every step, the itching got worse and worse.  Absolutely miserable.  I was really bummed that I had to give up, but I was about to drop on the ground and rub my body all over the pavement to scratch.  Not good.

Since it is Cinco de Mayo, we’re celebrating with my vegetarian enchilada casserole:

And margaritas of course:

And now?  I feel like I could pass out.

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Poor Sick Puppies & The Players

4 May

The Kayne and the ‘Mo did not want to get out of bed this morning:

I don’t blame them. They both seem to have picked up some sort of puppy stomach virus 😦 We even had to get Kayne Pedialyte last night to keep him from getting dehydrated. Now they’re on a strict rice-only diet til this clears up.

I really wanted to stay at home and snuggle with them. Instead, I had to come to work. Boo.

I didn’t get to take a picture of my breakfast this morning because driving + eating + taking a picture = not possible for me! But lunch, I remembered:

Sandwich thin + turkey + hummus + 1/2 wedge of laughing cow = awesome!

Tonight, I need to go for a run, but sadly, the weather looks like this:

YUCK!  Looks like it’ll be the treadmill for me.

So… remember that time when I got married at this place?

Well, there’s this little tournament there this weekend.  You may have heard of it.  It’s called The Players Championship, and there’s going to be some guys named Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson swinging some clubs…. and I’m going on Sunday!  Woo hoo! Its my first time going to The Players and I’m so excited!

Just for the record, I’m pullin’ for Ian Poulter.  I like his style.

Sunburn & Spice Cake

2 May

How on Earth do Sundays always go so fast? I can’t believe its 9 o’clock already!

I met up with Lauren again this morning for a run at the UNF trails. Before I left the house, I munched on a croissant with almond butter and a sliced banana:

We ran 3.56 miles in about 42 minutes.  It was brutally and miserably hot.  I don’t know how I’m going to keep my running base up over the summer!  We did 5:1 intervals and Lauren kicked my butt.  She’s a little faster than me, and running with her is a challenge.  But its good for me 🙂

Afterward, I went the pool (with mimosas):

And now?  I’m burnt to a crisp.  Except my legs are still snow white 😦

And we had quesadillas and salad for dinner:

And I baked this little Spice cake:

We’re heading to bed to watch The Time Travelers Wife.  I’ve been wanting to see it for quite some time now.  I read the book a few months ago and I absolutely loved it.  I hope the book doesn’t let me down.  Have a great evening!