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More Half-Marathon Pics

2 Dec

I look so happy…. 😉


Outback Distance Classic Half Marathon Report

28 Nov

Even though it’s been a few days, I still cannot believe I did it! I am a half-marathoner 🙂

All my stuff ready the night before:

The morning started out pretty cool out. I was terrified it would be warm and rainy, but it was neither. The Hubs and I got to the race about 45 minutes before start time, and I was shaking with nerves from the moment I got out of bed.

I saw the Hubs somewhere between mile 7 and 8 (I think). I had him give me some Tylenol, and he snapped this pic as I ran by:

Around mile 9, my IT band/left knee just couldn’t take it anymore and I had to implement walk breaks. I ran for 4 minutes and walked for 1 minute for pretty much the rest of the race. It was painful, but I knew I was close. Turning the bend for the finish line:

And after crossing the finish:

And my finisher’s medal:

I still cannot believe I actually did it. It’s weird. And I was extremely disappointed to find they were out of beer by the time I finished. 😦 I was really looking forward to that beer.

I can’t wait for the professional pictures to go up, so I can post them. I want to buy the one of me crossing the finish line and put it in a shadow box with my medal and number.

If I can get my IT band issues straightened out, I’m contemplating doing the Jax Bank Half-Marathon in December. We’ll see 🙂

Today’s To-Do List

25 Nov

Right now, I am unbelievably thankful that I am not in charge of making Thanksigiving Dinner for my family. I was laying in bed last night trying to think of everything I have to get done for the race tomorrow, and I got a wee little bit overwhelmed. Although we’re not “officially” getting off work early, it’s more than likely that boss man will send us home early. I’m banking on that today.

So here’s my to-do list for today:

  • Work 8:30 – 5:30 (which includes our office’s AWESOME Thanksgiving luncheon)
  • Laundry (Somehow, none of my running tights managed to wash themselves)
  • Pack a backpack for the Hubs to carry (PB sandwich, course map, Icy Hot, Tylenol, flip flops)
  • Get new batteries for my camera (this will probably mean a trip to the store)
  • Write a “Wishlist Wednesday” post
  • Print out course map
  • Write a post about the cake I baked last night
  • Set up coffee for tomorrow morning
  • Set up my rockin’ half-marathon playlist and synch my iPhone
  • Find my headphones
  • Prep my fuel belt (2 Gels, 1 pack sport beans, knee cream, half-water/half-gatorade in bottles
  • Lay out my outfit (tights, tshirt, sports bra, hat, socks, shoes, Garmin, bib, and chip)
  • I should probably figure out what I’m wearing to Thanksgiving Lunch/Dinner since its at 2.
  • Make sure Garmin is nice n’ charged
  • Watch Glee (Yes, this is absolutely necessary)

*updated as of 5:10 PM: So maybe I haven’t gotten a TON done since I got off work at 3, but I did get some quality time with my adorable nieces, Sofia and Ella.

*updated again as of 6:23 PM: Much more progress now that I’ve locked myself up in our bedroom. Woo hoo! Progress!

Am I forgetting anything? Okay, maybe I’m being a little OCD at this point. Just a little. I tend to get a little OCD and controlling when I’m nervous about an event. GAH! I’m running a half-marathon TOMORROW!

Before I go, it’s time for another Weather update:

Wicked Long Weekend

2 Nov

I cannot believe I haven’t posted since my awesome present Thursday night. It feels like forever! We spent Friday scrubbing our apartment in Melbourne from top to bottom. We amazingly finished up and turned in our keys by 5 pm. I think it was due to my delicious coffee Friday morning:

I couldn’t let the Redi-Whip go to waste. If I didn’t put it on my coffee, it was going in the trash can. What can I say, I’m a bleeding heart!

Saturday morning, we slept in and had breakfast at one of our favorite local spots, Beach Diner:

I had eggs, bacon, hashbrowns and the most delicious whole grain bread. I love bread that has seeds in it. This toast rocked!

 The only thing that could’ve made this breakfast any better would’ve been a mimosa or a poinsetta. We all know how I feel about mimosas and poinsettas. Unfortunately, Beach Diner does not serve alcohol. It was probably for the best.


The rest of the day was spent watching football and heading over to my hubby’s Aunt & Uncle’s for chili on Halloween. There were hardly any trick-or-treaters, which means we now have a house full of candy. Not good. I’ve decided to go back on SparkPeople to control myself through the Holidays. My co-worker is doing it too, so hopefully we’ll keep each other motivated.


Oh, did I mention that I ran TEN MILES yesterday? Yeah. Just thought I’d throw that out there. Even though I had to run it pretty slowly, I felt like a total badass afterwards. I’m feeling more and more confident about the half marathon. Speaking of it, its only 23 days away! Holy crap! Where does time go?! 


On a much more somber note, our family lost a loved one Thursday. My mother-in-law’s wonderful Weimareiner was put down. Beau was nearly 14 years old. We all expected it after last weekend, but of course, none of us wanted it. 


Mr. Beau, you will be missed.

Just Keep Swimming

5 Oct

As I said in my post yesterday morning, I woke up Saturday night with a lot of running-related anxiety. The concept of running-related anxiety is perplexing because running is typically an anxiety reducer. I can tell when I haven’t been running. I’m tenser. I’m stressed. Therefore, I run. To be stressing about my stress-reliever definitely caused me to lose a little sleep. I honestly thought about quitting. Maybe this whole long distance running thing isn’t for me. Maybe I’m just not cut out for it. Maybe I can just continue to run 3 or 4 miles a few times a week. That wouldn’t be that bad, would it? Actually, I think I would get bored of that. Not having a goal would inevitably cause me to lose all motivation to run. That’s when I remembered: I like a challenge. I like pushing myself. I crave competition.

Let’s go back a few years and explain how I started running. I grew up riding horses competitively. I love to ride.

When I was 22, the horse I’d had since I was 5, Jesse, passed away due to complications from colic. That was a devastating blow to me. His death also signified the death of my riding career. I didn’t buy another horse after that. I occasionally rode a friend’s horse, but that was minimal at best.

Throughout my life, whenever I was stressed out, I rode. It calmed me down. Riding was my Xanax. When I no longer had that option, I noticed a significant upward trend in my stress level. I didn’t know what to do about it. This continued on for about two years. The stress became unbearable when I moved down to Melbourne with Brandon. I didn’t know anyone there. I didn’t have a job. I didn’t have any money. I was crying every single day. This was my breaking point.

I knew I had to do something with my time while I was looking for a job. So, I started to run. Why running? I’d always been jealous of the runners I saw at the park and along the road. I wanted to be one of them too! So, slowly but surely, I ran. And after a few weeks, for the first time in my life, I could run a mile! I thought that was amazing. Yet, for the next 6 months, I struggled trying to increase my mile to two. Eventually, I stumbled upon Couch-to-5k, and that helped me run 3 miles. Then I ran a 5k (Miserably, might I add), and a 6k (much better). And now, here I am, training for a half-marathon.

Two years ago, if you would’ve told me I’d be training for a half-marathon, I would’ve laughed in your face. I would’ve told you that you were talking gibberish.
Looking back at how far I’ve come, I know I can’t stop now. I know that I would regret it if I did quit. I know I’m not the only one to have ever felt this way, and I’m sure as hell not the last. I realize that these long runs should be pushing outside the boundaries my comfort zone. I have to expand it in order to improve and grow stronger. I just have to keep pushing. As Dory would say, “Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming.” What a great mantra.

There doesn’t seem to be enough coffee in the world to fuel me this morning. I took two Tylenol PM last night to ease the soreness in my body. I think it’s still working its magic on my body because I definitely feel pretty exhausted. I still can’t quite bring myself to drink the Office Mud though. Breakfast consisted of my new favorite: yogurt, apples & Multi-grain Cheerios

Mmm mmm! Tonight is Book Club with the ladies, and this month we’re reading, Geek Love by Katherine Dunn.

I was not a fan. It had moments of brilliance surrounded by chunks of lackluster prose. It was hard to follow and extremely deranged.

Hope everyone has a fantastic Monday!


4 Oct

I’m about to go run 8 miles, and I’m praying it doesn’t turn out like last weekend. I woke up in the middle of the night last night seriously considering quitting this half-marathon business. I actually woke up a lot last night due to running-related anxiety.

I’m going out there again today to try. We’ll see how it goes.

Happy Birthday to Me!

7 Sep

(Yes, I’m an attention whore like that.)

Gotta love having your birthday fall on a Holiday weekend. I swear, my mom strategically planned her children, despite telling both of us that we were accidents (thanks, MOM). I’m a Labor Day baby, and my brother is a Fourth of July baby. Convenient, huh?

Saturday we did a whole lotta nuthin… except for run 6 miles in the evening. I was dreading the run all day. I finally got out there around 7, and it started off so miserable. I spent the first mile wanting to quit, the second mile telling myself to keep going, and somewhere around the third mile, I hit a groove. From there, it was smooth sailing. The rest of the run was actually really pleasant (until the last half mile). The last half mile, I decided to try to kill myself. It was a blast. I busted my butt to push it. I’m really proud of miles 3-6 of that run. I just wish my legs would’ve shown up to the party sooner because I know my time would’ve been a lot better. I made up quite a bit of time towards the end. Overall, it was 1:12:08 for 6.0 miles. I’m pleased.

Yesterday, we started out the date with brunch at an AWESOME local spot, Billy’s Boathouse:

I’m a girl that loves her Poinsettas, and a good table on the water. This place was great! Thanks, Kate, for the recommendation!

Then we spent the afternoon with both mine and my husband’s families eating delicious appetizers and playing cornhole. Thanks to my husband and awesome family, I am now the proud owner of a Garmin Forerunner 305! Woo hoo!

In addition to the new Garmin, the hubs also got me a new Fuel Belt:

I can’t wait to try out my new gadgets on a run! This morning I’m going on a short run to play with Garmin, who I’ve affectionately named Gwendolyn Garmin (GG for short).

Lastly, I love spending time at my in-law’s house. I spent the first part of my morning sitting on their dock with our golden retriever, drinking a cup of coffee. It was so peaceful and beautiful. I just had to share this pic:

I’m heading off for my run, then we’re going out on the boat. I can’t wait! Then, this evening is the official kick-off of FSU Football! Woo hoo! GO SEMINOLES!

I hope everyone has a safe and fun Labor Day! Enjoy!