Sunday At The Players

9 May

Happy Mother’s Day! Hope all the mothers and expectant mothers have had a fantastic day. And yes, that includes furbaby moms as well!

A few fun facts: I really want to learn to play golf. I also love to nap while watching golf tournaments on TV. And I’m mildly obsessed with TPC Sawgrass. So what does that have to do with anything? Oh yes, we went to The Players Championship today:

Sadly, TPC doesn’t allow cameras or cell phones during the tournament, so I was only able to snap that on my iPhone as we drove in.

Brandon and I spent a majority of our time there sitting in the grass by the 16th green where we also had a decent view of the 17th green (also know as “The Island Green”). The Island Green is so famous that NBC devotes 11 cameras to it! Insanity! We actually saw an alligator swimming around in the water surrounding the green. Thankfully, it was too far away for me to freak out at all.

We took a detour and watched Phil Mickelson on the 2nd hole, and ran into a few friends. Actually, as we were in the parking lot, I spotted Caitlin and her husband! She was super sweet and it was nice to finally meet her 🙂

We stayed at the tournament long enough to see Adam Scott finish. Ladies, let me tell ya: that man is even HOTTER in person. Whew. Sexy.

And when we got home, we had an awesome surprise waiting in the backyard – Manatees in the lagoon:

I ran inside to get lettuce to feed them, and Brandon jumped in his kayak. Sadly, I think we scared them away 😦 I just wanted to be friends with them!

How was your weekend?!


One Response to “Sunday At The Players”

  1. Dawn Hutchins May 10, 2010 at 8:52 am #

    We were out there Friday and Saturday. Friday was SUCH a blast as it was so pretty out and we had great tickets. Saturday we had regular grounds passes and it was SO HOT. (Plus I think I was dehydrated from the day before) but we still had a great time. Love TPC!

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