Welcome Back, Energy

9 Apr

TGIF, y’all!

I had to hijack the camera cable from my office this afternoon… How sad is that?  But at least I was able to upload a bunch of new pictures to the House Section.   Check it out!

Last night, I had a pretty bitchin’   session:

.5m @ 12:29
.25 @ 10:18
.25 @ 12:44
.25 @ 10:13
.25 @ 13:08
.25 @ 10:30
.25 @ 13:45
.25 @ 10:51(distracted by fire trucks!)
.25 @ 13:31
.25 @ 9:44
.25 @ 19:31 (cool down)

Total: 2.99 37:xx

It was so nice to have my energy level back up again!  I’ve been really struggling with my after-work energy, but last night was just so nice outside.

Today, I had lunch with the lovely Ashley!  We went to a local Jax place, Al’s Pizza.  I couldn’t help but laugh when we both ordered the exact same thing!  Total coincidence because we didn’t even discuss our orders beforehand.  I had a side salad, a slice of cheese pizza, and one of their amazing homemade pretzels:

Yay for blogger lunches!  Welcome to Jacksonville, Ashley!

The pizza was kind of disappointing, but the pretzel and salad made up for it BY FAR!  The freshly shredded mozzarella on the salad made my day.  Delicious!

Tonight, I’m planning on going for a run with the hubby again.  And I have absolutely no idea what we’re having for dinner.  Any ideas for us?


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