Fat Like Her

19 Mar

Y’all know my love for Jessica Simpson.  I’m not afraid to vocalize it.  In honor of her new show, The Price of Beauty (which I have yet to check out, but whatever, don’t judge), I just wanted to discuss the media’s obsession with her weight.

We all know that the media has unjustly called her “fat” or “overweight” on multiple occasions.   For years it seems as though this girl has been constantly ridiculed and analyzed for her size.  Hell, even the NFL poked fun at her weight.   And we all remember the famous “Mom Jeans” incident:

And recently on Good Morning America:

Fat? I think not.  Bad styling choices?  Bingo.

Let’s take a look at Jessica dressing to fit her body shape:

Am I missing something?  Despite being a repeated victim of bad styling, this girl is not fat.  Her weight and fluctuations have been blown completely out of proportion by the media’s eye.  If she were a normal girl like you or me, no one would dare call her fat.  Talk about unfair.

Simpson even recently told Oprah she’d never been larger than a size 6.  Since when is a size 6 fat?  This befuddles me.  So what am I at a size 8?  A total cow?  I think not.  We have to step beyond these horrific ideals entrenched in society by the media.  A size 6 is not fat.  Nor is an 8.  Nor is a 10 or 12, for that matter. At the same time, we need to understand that the size label in our jeans cannot rule our lives.  We need to strive for health, not a size 2 label (unless that’s healthy for you!).

And if she is indeed as fat as they say, I would love to be fat like her.


2 Responses to “Fat Like Her”

  1. kmnehm March 20, 2010 at 3:46 pm #

    Couldn’t have said it better myself! I just dropped to a size 7 and am SO happy. My goal is a 6! Love your blog, added you to my blog roll!

  2. Leah March 21, 2010 at 8:02 pm #

    I agree, Devon. Size is definitely not as important as being HEALTHY for your body type. I think “numbers” are overrated in general. I always have and always will be a higher number weight than I look and/or might ideally like to be. I’m fine with this as long as I’m happy & healthy.

    I also agree that she has definitely had some poor fashion choices.
    I’ve always felt that EVERYONE, regardless of clothing size, should dress for their real size (not what they wish they were). Because even a perfectly fit girl can look a little chubbier if they wear clothes that are painted on or cut into their skin (not fat).

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