Sweet Potato Queen

10 Mar

Evenin’, y’all!

Oh, iced skinny vanilla latte, how I’ve missed you:

It was WARM outside today, and all I wanted was an iced latte. Thankfully, they’re only 1 point 😉  It definitely helped me power through my afternoon.  Once home, Hubby and I did P90x Ab Ripper X.  Holy cow.  It was hard!  We’re going to make an effort to integrate it into our workout routine.

I will say, Weight Watchers has some AWESOME recipes on their website.  Exhibit A – Tonight’s Dinner:

BBQ Chicken with Grilled Sweet Potatoes.  Mm mm good.  Hubby didn’t like the chicken though.  He thought there was too much going on in the rub, but I disagreed.  I love me some sweet potatoes!!  Mashed, baked, grilled, Thanksgiving’d.. You name it, I like it.

So what’s for dinner?!


3 Responses to “Sweet Potato Queen”

  1. Leah March 10, 2010 at 9:02 pm #

    Ahhh the wonders of P90X. Ab ripper is really rough. Yoga tonight was hard but I really liked it. My salad from Panera was delicious as always.
    AND… I resisted buying a new item… “macadamia nut blondie.” oh be still my dieting heart.

  2. Vince | UPrinting March 12, 2010 at 2:22 am #

    I love chicken barbecue with fried sweet potatoes.That’s awesome. I’m going to hunt that site to get this recipe.

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