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Falafel Porn

2 Mar

Pita Pit last night was EPIC. Epic, I tell ya! Oh, sweet fried chick pea goodness, how I’ve missed thee:

I chose a falafel whole wheat pita stuffed with lettuce, spinach, alfalfa sprouts, feta cheese, and a little bit of ranch. Completely and totally worth the 45 minute drive in rush-hour traffic. Before we hit up Pita Pit, we went to the Ryland design center to take a look at cabinets, counter tops, and tile, oh my! Our picks:

Going into the design center is really overwhelming.  There are so many options to choose from.  Because we’re trying to avoid any additional costs, we’ve decided to just stick with what’s included in our base price.  Thankfully, Ryland was AWESOME about free upgrades when we signed our contract:

  • Upgraded to Level 2 Silestone
  • Upgraded to Level 1 Maple cabinets with crown molding
  • Upgraded to Level 1 ceramic tile in the wet areas
  • Upgraded to a separate shower (which we’re having tiled) and garden tub
  • Upgraded to a covered lanai
  • Upgraded to recessed lighting in the kitchen

The list goes on.  I was shocked about how much they threw into the deal.  We ended up designing on the lighter color of silestone.  Our final design meeting will be on March 15.  I am so excited!  Who cares if I have to get up at the butt-crack of dawn to drive all the way across town!

And this morning I munched on a big ol’ yogurt mess:

Apples and yogurt and a granola bar: Yum!

Tonight, I’m hoping to get in a short run with some abs.  I have some quick errands to run after work, so hopefully I won’t be too exhausted when I get home.  I hate when life gets in the way of my workouts!  But its just so hard to conjure up the energy to exercise after a 35 minute drive home, stopping at the pet store for dog food, picking up the dry cleaning, figuring out what’s for dinner, and packing to house sit for mom…. all while knowing you have to get up early the next day to drop the dogs off at mom’s house before work.  I’m exhausted just thinking about it.  I really don’t want to wimp out of a workout, but I’m thinking I might.  Geez.

How often does life get in the way of YOUR workouts?!


Get What Ya Need

2 Mar

I took all of last week off from working out.  I was sick, tired, and I just needed a break.  It happens.  We all need rest.

And this week?  I feel refreshed!  Last night after work, I headed out for a quick 3 miler.  It was GREAT:

  1. 11:37
  2. 11:34
  3. 11:07

I ❤ negative splits! Sometimes you just need some rest!  And for some reason, I can’t get the Rolling Stones outta my head…

You can’t always get what you want,

but sometimes, you just might find,

you get what you need!

So true.

Tonight, we’re heading to the Ryland Design Center to start picking out things for our new home!  Unfortunately, its across town and way out of the way.  But there is a silver lining: Pita Pit is next door!

Guess what we’ll be having for dinner?!  Don’t worry.  I’ll take photos of the goodness and post some food porn later!