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Thankful Thursday

19 Nov

I spent a lot of time trying to decide on a great topic for today’s edition of Thankful Thursday. Then it hit me: I’m thankful for the continued support of the health and fitness ladies of the web.

Through The Nest, the blogging world and Twitter, I’ve met a lot of fantastic ladies who inspire me on a daily basis. For example, this afternoon I verbalized my need for a pre-run pep talk on Twitter. Two awesome ladies (Jenn & ¬†Courtney) sent me some tweets to perk me up, and you know what? I had a great run. I felt strong and I rocked it. I appreciate their faith in me more than I canexpress.

So, in honor of Thankful Thursday, I’m making a list of the ladies that inspire me the most through their own blogs or being supportive of mine:

I really hope I haven’t left anyone out. I will probably be adding to that list throughout the day.


I appreciate the inspiration these ladies have provided me over the past year and a half. Without them, I never would have decided to run a half-marathon. I never would have dropped that 15lbs before the wedding. I never, ever would have discovered the amazingness that is almond butter and overnight oats. I owe my new, much healthier lifestyle to each and every one of them. And what could you be more thankful for than that?