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Dedication Schmedication

5 Nov

I’m skipping happy hour with the ladies tonight in favor of going for a run.

The reality of training for a half marathon is a cruel one. Oh, how I would absolutely love to go to The Grape after work and down a few glasses of their delicious wine and chit-chat with the ladies. But, in the back of my mind, I hear that little voice babbling on and on about how I’ve barely put any time towards training this week.

Go ahead and hoist me up on a cross because I feel like I should be up for sainthood due to this sacrifice of mine. * sigh * 21 more days… 21 more days…


I caved. I’m going to Happy Hour. Or I might go late. I can’t decide if I want to rush home, go for a quick and short run, and meet up with the girls around 7.


Decisions, decisions!