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7 Sep

I love Gwendolyn. She’s my new favorite running buddy. After my run, I plugged her into my MacBook and got all this nifty information:
She tells me anything and everything I ever needed to know about my runs. Amazing.


Happy Birthday to Me!

7 Sep

(Yes, I’m an attention whore like that.)

Gotta love having your birthday fall on a Holiday weekend. I swear, my mom strategically planned her children, despite telling both of us that we were accidents (thanks, MOM). I’m a Labor Day baby, and my brother is a Fourth of July baby. Convenient, huh?

Saturday we did a whole lotta nuthin… except for run 6 miles in the evening. I was dreading the run all day. I finally got out there around 7, and it started off so miserable. I spent the first mile wanting to quit, the second mile telling myself to keep going, and somewhere around the third mile, I hit a groove. From there, it was smooth sailing. The rest of the run was actually really pleasant (until the last half mile). The last half mile, I decided to try to kill myself. It was a blast. I busted my butt to push it. I’m really proud of miles 3-6 of that run. I just wish my legs would’ve shown up to the party sooner because I know my time would’ve been a lot better. I made up quite a bit of time towards the end. Overall, it was 1:12:08 for 6.0 miles. I’m pleased.

Yesterday, we started out the date with brunch at an AWESOME local spot, Billy’s Boathouse:

I’m a girl that loves her Poinsettas, and a good table on the water. This place was great! Thanks, Kate, for the recommendation!

Then we spent the afternoon with both mine and my husband’s families eating delicious appetizers and playing cornhole. Thanks to my husband and awesome family, I am now the proud owner of a Garmin Forerunner 305! Woo hoo!

In addition to the new Garmin, the hubs also got me a new Fuel Belt:

I can’t wait to try out my new gadgets on a run! This morning I’m going on a short run to play with Garmin, who I’ve affectionately named Gwendolyn Garmin (GG for short).

Lastly, I love spending time at my in-law’s house. I spent the first part of my morning sitting on their dock with our golden retriever, drinking a cup of coffee. It was so peaceful and beautiful. I just had to share this pic:

I’m heading off for my run, then we’re going out on the boat. I can’t wait! Then, this evening is the official kick-off of FSU Football! Woo hoo! GO SEMINOLES!

I hope everyone has a safe and fun Labor Day! Enjoy!

Is It Fall Yet?

3 Sep

Confession: I love fall. It’s my favorite season. It’s a shame I live in Florida, and the leaves never really change that much. I wish fall would hurry up and get here because I’m sick of being miserable during my runs. I keep seeing everyone’s excited Facebook status updates regarding Starbucks’ Pumpkin Spice lattes, but goodness gracious, I cannot enjoy a piping hot PSL when it’s 80* outside. Nope. Not happening.
I wasn’t even going to pretend like I was going to go home and run yesterday. I had my first official “rough day” at work at the new job. Gotta love people who call you screaming over something that you had nothing to do with. Awesome, huh?
I did run on Tuesday night though. I did a quick out-and-back (despite my loathing of out-and-backs) in attempt to beat the rain. The first leg of the run was miserably humid, and I ran it at a 10:31 pace. Super fast for me. I slowed down considerably for the second half. Regardless, I ran the entire 2.71 miles in 29:24, which made me very happy.