Bitter Defeat

8 Sep
2006 FSU vs. Virginia, in front of the Bobby Bowden Statute at Doak Campbell Stadium

As a huge Florida State fan, I was excited beyond words that the season opener fell on my birthday. I bleed garnet and gold. Unfortunately, the game was against Miami. If there is one team I despise more than the Florida Gators, it’s Miami. Their fans are rude, and their team is just plain ghetto. They play dirty. Plus, I married a Gator… so I can’t hate them THAT much.

Watching the opening ceremonies of the game last night gave me chills. I remember how much I loved Tallahassee and FSU. One of my favorite things about my major (Advertising) was going to classes every day at Doak Campbell Stadium. I have such a sense of pride in my Alma Mater. I was completely overwhelmed with emotion when Renegade galloped onto the field and Osceola threw his fiery speer.

I managed to stay optimistic most of the game… until the 4th quarter. My change in attitude largely had to do with the Benedryl I’d taken to soothe my bug bites (Note: being bitten by a mosquito on your ear lobe is NOT fun). I tried my darndest to stay awake despite the solid efforts of my eyelids.

In short, last night’s game broke my little heart.It’s okay, Christian Ponder. I feel the same way.


One Response to “Bitter Defeat”

  1. Ashley September 8, 2009 at 5:57 pm #

    It definitely was a sad game. I cried a little at the end.

    Miami fans are definitely the rudest of the bunch. I had a couple come up to be this morning at McDonalds and ask how I enjoyed the game. Assholes!

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