Recovery Weekend

9 Aug

Good morning! I hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend thus far. I’m actually pretty ashamed of myself this weekend. Brandon and I went out to happy hour Friday night with some of his co-workers, and I was a naughty, naughty girl.

Not only did I drink, drink, drink, I made my husband stop at the grocery store on the way home so we could pick up some Alexia Sweet Potato fries. I have a ridiculous obsession with sweet potato fries, and my drunk arse ate A LOT of them that night. Eh, at least they were baked.

But on Friday, before happy hour, I managed to schedule some quality gym time. I ran 2 miles on the treadmill in 22:14, then I did about 30 minutes of upper body strength training and planks. My strength training included the following:
2 sets, 12 reps Dumbbell Chest Press
2 sets, 12 reps Dumbbell Chest Flys
2 sets, 12 reps Dumbbell Pullovers
2 sets, 12 reps One-Arm dumbbell rows
2 sets, 12 reps Lying Dumbbell Tricep Extension
2 sets, 12 reps Seated Dumbbell Rows
2 sets, 12 reps Standing Upright Rows
Bicycle Crunches
2 :30 Planks
1 :30 Side Plank on each side

(explanations for all upper-body moves can be seen here:

My bad eating continued to yesterday: frozen pizza, graham crackers, fudge pudding, potato chips. Yeah. I ate like crap yesterday. At least there was a salad somewhere in there! And to top it off, I was stupid enough to step on the scale this morning. I keep telling myself its mostly water weight and it will come off as soon as I get my butt back on track. So that’s exactly what I’m doing: getting my butt back on track.

Unfortunately, there’s a slight curve-ball in my plan: we may or may not be getting in the car to drive to Jacksonville so my husband can turn in his sheriff’s department application in-person tomorrow at 7 am. Regardless, I plan on being as strict as I can. And if we do drive up to Jacksonville, I always love going for a run in his parents’ neighborhood.

Needless to say, with 6 days until my boudoir pics, it’s crunch time! I will be drinking a ton of water this week and keeping my sodium intake to a bare minimum. I wish I could magically make this last 5 lbs disappear!


2 Responses to “Recovery Weekend”

  1. Ashley August 9, 2009 at 3:32 pm #

    You're doing great!

    I've eaten like crap all weekend because Jason's been out of town and I've been sick. Yuck! I haven't worked out for a whole week because of this cold and I feel so fat.

  2. Ashley August 9, 2009 at 4:03 pm #

    At least it was baked sweet potato fries, not a sackful of Krystals or Famous Amos at 2AM. It least that's what I crave after a night of drinking…could explain a lot.

    You're doing great though! Keep it up.

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