$35 Down The Drain

23 Jul

Last night I did my first brick workout! It was a mini-brick, and I wasn’t even planning on it. I hopped on the bike for 5 miles, and then the plan was to run a mile on the treadmill. Well, little did I know, the breaker had blown for the treadmills, so they were both down. Boo! I decided to just jog back to the apartment instead. When I got home, I realized the Hubs had taken our beloved Golden Retriever, Cosmo, for a walk. I put down my stuff and took off at a jog around the complex to look for them.

I eventually found them, once I gave up and went back to the apartment. It was a really nice workout.

This afternoon I decided to go the gym for a little lifting. I searched the apartment high and low for our gym key. I absolutely cannot find it anywhere. I must’ve dropped it on my home last night. Understandable considering I was carrying: my iPhone, headphones, a towel, a water bottle, the house keys, the mail, and my gym keys. I decide to re-trace my steps from the previous night. No luck.

So I head up the office for a replacement. Can’t be more than $10-15, right? Wrong.

WARNING: This is the point in the story where mass quantities of obscenities come flying out of my mouth.

$35. For a little plastic key card. ARE YOU F&^%ING KIDDING ME?!?!?!?!?!

Yes, $35 flushed right down the drain. Whatever. So I write the check, and they hand me a new card. I walk back to the gym, and I’m greeted by paint fumes: They’re touching up the trim in the gym. Fantastic.

I decided to just suck it up and focus on my lower body. I did some squats, some various lunges, some calf raises, but my super-foul mood prevailed and I went home. I plan on going back to the gym tonight when the Hubs gets home. He wants to get in some cardio. I might just have to hop on the elliptical for a little while to blow off some steam. Lord knows I need it.


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