Running + Wine Bar, huh?

9 Apr

With the gift cards from the wedding, we ordered a new wine bar from Bed Bath & Beyond for our dining room. I’m really excited about it. It holds a decent amount of our stemware along with our minging plates for the cocktail party we’ll probably never have. Oh well. Here’s pics:

Last night I decided to go for a real run. The wedding, our honeymoon and being sick has definitely prevented me from being able to with any sort of regularity. It’s been a run here and there, and most times on the treadmill. The weather was beautiful: high 60s, sunny and just a hint of wind. Only bad part was running straight into the sun without glasses or a hat. Because of the sun, I was forced to run with my head tilted down. Therefore, the faucet known as my nose was turned on, and my eyes could not stop watering. Definitely a small impediment on my lightning fast pace. Okay, maybe not lightning fast but had it not been for that half mile section, I would have EASILY had a new PR for 3 miles. I just felt like I should push myself and not just have a leisurely run. It was nice being able to listen to my body and push it harder. I think doing cardio burst sprints on the treadmill have definitely helped up my pace. I’ll have to keep those up!

One Response to “Running + Wine Bar, huh?”

  1. *Irene* April 9, 2009 at 3:49 pm #

    Love the wine bar! PS. OMG your wedding pics are beautiful.

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