These last 6 lbs…

17 Feb

Just do NOT want to budge. Holding steady at 136.4

AF is scheduled to be here over the week & early next week. Maybe that’s screwing me up, but it seems too early for that.

Anyways, last night I did the Shred level 1. It felt a lot less intense after doing level 2 a few times. Tonight I’m going for a 3 mile run. I plan on adding a few 30 second sprints into the run every 3-5 minutes. I need something to make the time go quicker.

Breakie: coffee, Fiber 1 bar
Lunch: 1/2 turkey & swiss sandwich; quaker quakes nacho cheese flavor; venti unsweet shaken black tea
snack: almonds & apple
Dinner: leftover crock-pot chicken, veggies & barley


One Response to “These last 6 lbs…”

  1. *Irene* February 18, 2009 at 2:39 pm #

    Yay, way to go!! You are doing so awesome.

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