Re-vamp time

9 Feb

I’ve slacked on the eating lately, and it shows. I’m sticking between 137.6-138. I’m over it. I want to be 135. So I’m heading back to the eating every 2-3 hours. I think that is what works best for me… But honestly, it’s really hard to keep up because you really have to plan everything out.

I downloaded a new app for my iPhone called LoseIt! It’s very similar to sparkpeople, and I like that I can have it with me at ALL TIMES. I think it’ll help keep me on track a little more.

As for the body shots, I think I’ll do them once a week now. I’ll put on my fave bikini and take them. Whether I post them or not is a different story. I just want to see my body changing!

I did notice last night that my legs are starting to look on the leaner, cutter side. I’m finally getting the muscular calves I’ve always wanted.


One Response to “Re-vamp time”

  1. Soontobehealthybride February 9, 2009 at 5:35 pm #

    You are doing great! Keep it up!

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