Learn From My Mistakes..

6 Feb

..And don’t let yourself get RAVENOUS like I was last night.

I had to chew gum while cooking dinner to keep myself from pigging out in the pantry. I had a little on the large-side serving of whole wheat lasagna, but it was so deliciously worth every bite. I baked Fiber 1 mini muffins last night too, and you can’t NOT eat warm, right out of the oven muffins. I ate 2 mini muffins, which equals 1 regular muffin. I also altered the recipe and used egg whites and flax seed instead of oil. It ups the fiber (yeah I’ll be in the bathroom for days) and lowers the fat. And drank some wine. Needless to say, this morning I was back up to 137.8. Oh well. I didn’t work out yesterday either. I wasp planning on running, but it was in the 40s when I got home from work. I knew that the run would cause my sinuses to hurt like hell, so I took the night off. I plan on running 3 miles when I get off work tonight. Honeybunny and I will probably go out to dinner too. Whatever I get, I’ll just cut in half (in addition to ordering sensibly).

One Response to “Learn From My Mistakes..”

  1. *Irene* February 6, 2009 at 4:16 pm #

    I was up today too…bummer huh. Oh well, tomorrow will be a new day/new number on the scale. Happy Friday!

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