Jillian Michaels is after your soul

17 Jan

She is the devil, but I love her. She kicks me ass when I need it.

I did the Shred today for the first time in awhile. It was awesome. I really need to incorporate it into my routine a little more. Afterwards, I took the dogs for a 20-25 minute walk. They needed it.

My food today is completely different than I posted this morning. It looks more like:

I plan on having a glass (or two) of wine in a little while, plus a (very) small snack. I might treat myself to a skinny cow or piece of chocolate.

5 miles tomorrow! Wish me luck! Any guesses on my finishing time/pace?!


One Response to “Jillian Michaels is after your soul”

  1. Amber January 18, 2009 at 12:51 pm #

    I may try eating smaller more frequent meals. I’ve been trying to eat breakfast around 8:30 have a snack around 10 lunch around 12 and then another snack between 2-4. I must just be snacking on the wrong things. I think the “Meal” thing scares me. Also, I’m very picky. How many calories per meal do you try to eat?

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