Little Miss Moody

4 Jan

Friday after work, I came home in a mood from hell. Nothing pleased me. It was probably because I’d barely eaten during the day. I skipped breakfast in favor of a skinny latte from Starbucks, and didn’t get to eat lunch until almost 1:30 (I typically eat around noon). Brandon took me to Panera, where I had a small cup of lowfat chicken noodle soup, and 1/2 of a turkey sandwich. It was extremely tasty. I usually eat a snack in the afternoons, but didn’t have the chance because I was busy at work.

I got home around 6ish, ate a small handful of chocolate covered pretzels (my current weakness) and proceeded to sit on the couch and pout. Brandon asked me if I wanted to go to dinner.. I responded by saying I wasn’t hungry. I often do this when I have barely eaten all day. I don’t attribute my awful mood to my lack of eating, even though when I look back, I know that’s EXACTLY what was wrong. I’ve been that way since I was child. He asks if I want to go play putt-putt, but that doesn’t sound fun. It sounds like hell. I am extremely annoyed by tweens and teenagers these days, so going pretty much anywhere other than a bar on a Friday night annoys me. He eventually coaxes me into getting in the car and heading up to the town center. The prospect of shopping always gets me off the couch. I continue to pout once we get there, until we get inside of World Market. I fell in love with a Pub Table & barstool set that’s on sale. I give Brandon the puppy dog eyes. Unfortunately, he reminds me that we really don’t have the money right now for it. I reverted back into my shit-tastic mood.

We continued to walk around the Town Center, stopping in Bed Bath & Beyond, and out quickly. I wasn’t even really browsing. Somewhere outside of Old Navy, I started crying for no apparent reason. We asks if I want dinner… I only admit to desiring a glass of wine. I bring up cheese at Melting Pot, and we start walking in that direction. We ended up at Pizza Gallery and it was DELICIOUS. I split a large glass of Cabernet with Brandon, then consumed 3 rounds of stiff mojitos. And garlic knots. And a piece of thai chicken pizza. At least the pizza had broccoli and carrots on it! I know, I’m just trying to justify my terrible choices… but at least it all made me smile.

Needless to say, this morning I woke up not wanting to run the 4 miles Hal Higdon has scheduled for me. We went to the beach, splashed around, ate some lunch and came home. Afterwards, I managed to hit the gym for a cardio cross training session. I hopped on the bike for 30 minutes and managed to eke out 7.71 miles. I sweated like a pig, but it was awesome.

Tomorrow I’ll make up the 4 miles…

Oh, and I forgot! I got awesome new running tights at Target last night on clearance for $10! Sweetness 🙂


3 Responses to “Little Miss Moody”

  1. 100DAYS January 4, 2009 at 3:51 am #

    Ok, you are not the only one. I am at my WORST in one particular situation: Walking around the mall/shopping with my mom all day. It is usually when I don’t wanna be there…like looking for a present for someone or needing a certain thing, like a pair of shoes for a certain occasion and you can’t ever find ones when you need them most. I try resisting the mall food so I am starved towards the end. I get in the worst moods…aggitated, crabby, grumpy, depressed. I know its always because of hunger. And my mom calls me out on it. Craziness.

  2. Amber January 4, 2009 at 11:54 am #

    Just curious, but who is Hal Higdon? I didn’t know if it was a book you were reading or if you had a personal trainer.

  3. Amber January 4, 2009 at 4:19 pm #

    Sounds incredibly intense! I give you props. I don’t know if I could commit to a 15k!

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