It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

7 Dec

Today we got our Christmas tree. I hung up our stockings, and put lights out on our patio. I even put out Christmas candles. I’m thinking I’ll need to bake gingerbread cookies sometime this week.

All weekend Brandon and I have immersed ourselves in the Harry Potter marathons on ABC Family. I’ve seen each film numerous times, yet I still love watching them. I am such a dork. I really need to read the books. Maybe that’s what I’ll get from the library next time I go. I heard the new JK Rowling book is great as well.

Anyways, I gave myself this past week to relax. Starting December 15th, I really have to get my butt in gear for the River Run. Today, we went to Wickham Park and I finally figured out the 5k course there. I ran the 5k in 35:03. Well.. Sorta. I screwed up at one point and had to back track, and I think that added about :30 onto my time. So my average pace was probably a little quicker than the 11:16 that would coincide with the 35:03 time. It was actually a nice run… which I needed after the last two crappy ones I’ve had since the race. It was just what I needed.

After we got home, I did W1D2 of the Pushup Challenge.

This week, I plan on stepping it up a little from last week.. Trying to get in the rhythm of the 15k training plan. I really hope this 15k training helps me shed about 10lbs… that’d be awesome. I’d look so hot for the wedding and honeymoon!


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