I Made The Causeway My Bitch

19 Nov

…Or something like that!

Dana and I ran right after work tonight. We ran from our office, over the Causeway, and down to Riverside and BACK! Yes, that’s crossing over the big ol’ causeway twice! We had a decent pace too. The uphill definitely killed my pace, but even so, we still finished the 3.5 miles in 42:23. Not too shabby! That’s just shy of 12 minute miles. I’m pleased with it. I felt like most of the run was quicker than my normal pace. It was really nice having someone to run with. Afterwards, I even did some upper body strength training and abs with Brandon.

Tomorrow: HIIT on the treadmill & lower body strength
Thursday: Easy 3.0
Friday: off
Saturday: 4.0

WTD Miles: 6.0


One Response to “I Made The Causeway My Bitch”

  1. kikimonster November 19, 2008 at 1:39 pm #

    Uphill in FL? I have to giggle. I remember my time in Tallahassee and how you southern Floridians complained about the hills. Congrats on a great run!

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