At least I Made It Through…

7 Nov

Obama won. How awesome is that? Holla.

I won’t get too into politics… I’ll just talk about the misery that was my 3.6 mile run last night. I do not like running in the dark. No, I don’t. Not a fan. I started out, and about a mile in, I got a little bit of crampage in my side. Oh great, just what I need to motivate myself to finish. Not too mention, I was snotting all over myself. Lovely, huh? But I made it through! 3.6 miles closer to my goal. Afterwards, I went with my honey to the gym to lift for a little bit.

I’ve also started the One Hundred Push Ups program. And I’m doing MAN push-ups instead of girly-modified push-ups. Go me!

We’re headed to Jacksonville this weekend. We’re doing engagement pictures with FABULOUS knottie photog Jen 🙂 I’m really excited. I’ll be sure to post whenever I get them back. I also have my sister-in-law’s baby shower. A little over a month and Cameron Mathew will be here! So exciting. We’re also *hopefully* meeting with our officiant… that is if Brandon remembers to call her. GRR.


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