Wow It’s Been A Few…

24 Oct

…And I’ve been a lazy bum! I did a little strength training Tuesday night, then last night I ran my 3 mi loop. Brandon came with me actually! Well sorta… He was way ahead of me.

I updated my iPhone software, and it deleted all of my playlists! Boo! I didn’t realize that until I started off for my run and was stuck listening to my entire iPhone on shuffle. Ick. So now maybe I can waste some of my day re-creating my playlists 🙂 I also added the iMapMyRun iPhone application. Unfortunately, it was really cloudly, so I was unable to get a good GPS signal. I can’t wait to try it on my next run.

It was one of those runs that I struggled through. I kept hoping the stoplights would give me a little rest time, but I caught them at the right time and just had to keep running. I was determined not to stop.

Now I feel 3 miles stronger, and it’s nice to know I can do it even when I’m not feeling it 100%! Makes me a lot more confident for the race.


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