09.20.2008 – First 5k

21 Sep

I ran my first 5k race yesterday. I wish I would’ve taken a shit beforehand. I am very disappointed in my performance.

So my first mile was decent – 11:30. Then it hit me: I had to go to the bathroom so bad. The rest of the race I attempted to do intervals, but spent a good majority walking due to my imminent bowel movements. Second mile – 24:30. Still not too terrible. Finished with a time of 39:30. Last quarter of a mile I booked it as fast as I could cause I could see the finish line. I was ready to cross it and keep running to the nearest bathroom. When I ran, I didn’t feel tired…… Only thing bothering me was the possible prairie dog situation.

Had I not been thwarted by my bowels, I could’ve broken 36:00 time goal. Next time I will.


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